When was your first time you realized you were in love?  A love like you have not experienced before, where your chest tightens just at the thought and are forgiving of all faults, maybe blind to them? I’ve never felt this way about a city before. A couple days ago, I was sitting on a KLM flight with a layover flight in Amsterdam. As I was contemplating my last visit to Amsterdam and taking pleasure in the intermittent interruption of the Dutch stewardess announcing it was time to return to our seats first in Dutch and then in perfect English, it was evident, I was smitten. Although I wasn’t visiting the city this time, just the idea of going back and seeing the buildings, the people, the shops and all those bicycles, I felt happy. It was evident from the way I joyously applauded the innovative way the airline produced the safety video. ‘Well, what an odd thing’, I observed to myself, ‘how unreasonably complimentary you are’!


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