Have you ever gotten dressed in the morning and before heading out to work decided to take a quick look in the full length mirror and realized the pink cropped pants,  long knit sweater cardigan garnished with a yellow stain and hanging out under your orange pea-coat was a terrible mistake? And how you were glad you woke up 20 minutes earlier to change your outfit?  Yes, I do, all the time.

Similarly , the hiatus I took from blogging made me realize something about the name of my blog. Aventuramare means great adventure in Romanian as ‘mare’ comes from the Latin origin ‘mărem’ meaning male eventually becoming to mean ‘great’ in Romanian. But all of a sudden, I realized to a non-Romanian speaker, it could be misconstrued as the adventure from hell, as in adventure-mare since to an English speaker, as in that Old English origin of ‘mare’ meaning ‘goblin, incubus’ to make words like ‘nightmare’.

All this to say,  I may be reconsidering the name of this blog in the near future but more importantly, I see that the time I purposefully spent away from this site has changed me. Stepping back and looking at yourself from the outside is a powerful game changer when it comes to seeing what is already evidently right under your nose and to gain a new perspective; whether it is to rescue yourself from a horrible fashion faux,  rediscovering your blog or reexamining the very core of your existence. Once again, I’m ready to throw my words into the cyber-abyss, rejuvenated and ready to reexamine the truth in my surroundings that I hadn’t seen before.


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  1. sharon says:

    a similar thing i do is when i walk confidently in the opposite direction i’m supposed to go and then immediately do a sharp about face on the sidewalk. i am always leaving time to do these things when arriving at a destination.

    i am glad you are back
    with time
    in between
    and choochooaroo to your future posts

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