July is(was) here

It’s been an incredibly fast summer packed full of new and old friends, professional changes and dependable family. My dear cousin from Korea visited us folks in the USA on the way home after teaching in Peru for the past two years. Thanks to him, we decided to brave the drive from DC to Richmond on July 4th weekend!!! And it was so so worth it. Even looking back these past few weeks, these moments with family were the highlight.



In DC, we went to a gourmet style Mexican restaurant in Georgetown that had the prettiest presentation of foods. The waiter even gave my cousin free dessert lighted with a candle to celebrate the end of a long journey. I’d like to think the waiter understood how special and rare these moments we had together were.

The weekend after, V and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. It was exactly how I wanted it to be: nothing too fancy but nothing too ordinary and lots and lots of time together- Most of the photos I took didn’t come out the way I wanted so hopefully my stories will suffice. Friday, we started off with a trip to potomac mills where V needed lots of things to prepare for the trip to Romania. We got the cutest baby clothes and lots of ’em since three of V’s couple friends all have had kids in the last couple years, and of course we can’t forget dear nephew Luca. For dinner, we had a disappointing meal at a random thai restaurant (actually it was a fusion thai-chinese-korean-vietnamese place) because the Korean restaurant that we like was closed; Woodbridge definitely is no where close to Annandale.We got back to DC at 1am, exhausted but throughly satisfied with our purchases.

Saturday morning, we ventured off to Mt. Vernon estate, home of our first U.S. president. We had been meaning to go ever since we moved to this area last fall, but always put it off b/c of the hours, distance and priciness. So our first anniversary was the perfect reason to go. And it was delightful! We went to the mill and distillery first, which was fascinating-to see the corn and wheat flour finely crunched by the mill and from there distilled into fine ol whiskey. V was not as impressed as he deftly nodded after the tour saying, ‘everyone in town growing up had one of these’.

Then we walked around Washington’s old house learning that he didn’t have children of his own but brought up two of Martha’s kids as well as their grandkids when their daughter died in her thirties. We saw the bedroom where he drew his last breath and exact bed he was laying on. Behind the mansion was the breathtaking view of the Potmac river itself -right in front of our faces, with Maryland to the right, the Chesapeake Bay to the other.

Sunday morning was that day we were waiting for-spa masssages! I made a last minute appointment at a place that had great yelp reviews. And we showed up at 11 and left at 12. Boy, was it a difference! Our bodies were so relaxed and mellowed out, we couldn’t not take long naps. One of those naps took place at Meridian Park, which you see below. It is my FAVORITE park in D.C. of all times. It is a gigantic park that resembles an abandoned fortress with cascading fountains, like a tiny version of versailles. A statue of Joan d’arc is placed in the middle and grassy areas to picnic and play catch. Alongside the normal activities, I saw meditation classes, a running club, photography, wedding portraits, and a lone drummer- although I’ve heard there are these great drumming circles with dancing that takes place on Saturdays.
20140713_135234 20140713_125450

A priceless way to spend with my other half. Happy 1, V!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Inock kim says:

    It is a lovely way of celebrating the first anniversary!

  2. Joseph Chang says:

    wow you got some great pictures! thanks for sharing~ love that you spend more time with sloane and chris! 🙂

  3. jsk says:

    what trip to romania?

    i really liked your description of your favorite park and how cool that you guys got good massages! it all sounds so lovely and again, happy happy one year anniversary to you both!!

    annnd i think the waiter knew 🙂

  4. saena says:

    happy 1st anniv eunice! a descriptive 1st anniv date, i can picture it in my head. and while i’m not typically a historical person, i’m interested in going to see Mt. Vernon Estate … is it embarrassing i was born and raised there and have never been? btw. i love the last picture, it makes me feel very at peace.

  5. aventuramare says:

    Thanks @saena! Mt. Vernon is definitely worth seeing and probably more so in the cooler temperatures 🙂

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