A few weeks ago, V and a friend of ours took a trip up north to Lancaster and Gettysburg. This was back in early March when it was chilly and grey. We headed  to the Lancaster’s Dutch Country Market, which we were all really excited about…but it was closed when we got there. You should’ve seen the look of disappointment of the boys. It was totally an aw shucks moment.



We got lunch at an irish bar, which had portions for 8. After that we were ready to visit the Amish.

A large Amish community live in Lancaster County in the area of Bird in Hand. We caught a buggy ride and got a superb tour from a buggy driver, who was not Amish herself but had been doing business with them for decades. We learned how there are different communities of Amish with varying degrees of lifestyles. Some interact more with the outside world than others, driving cars, marrying outside of the community, drinking alcohol. And in fact, all of the youth have the option of having a secular lifestyle until they come of age when they have to decide to stay with the community or leave. Once they decide to leave, they are ex-communicated and cannot have any contact with anyone from the Amish community, including their family members.


   20140323_154139  after the buggy ride, we headed back down towards d.c. stopping by in Gettsyburg. 20140323_154418-MIX


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jsk says:

    that is very disappointing about the dutch country market because i bet the food would have been out of control delicious, but it’s so neat you guys went on that buggy ride!
    i loved that post but it ended so abruptly! more please!

    1. aventuramare says:

      haha yeah i know! i ran out of time and just posted it cause I knew it would take forever for me to finish it 🙂

  2. saena says:

    oh no! sorry to hear about dutch county market, i imagine it would have been amazing! love that you’re posting again 🙂

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