During the same weekend that we were visiting friends in the tri-city lands of North Carolina, we also ventured to Rock Hill, a city an hour from the north carolinian border. It was the perfect day to have a road trip and I was more than happy to go south, especially when blizzards were pouring in every other day. Ah, winter seems but just a memory now, doesn’t it?

Like the way most of our travel itinerary is planned, Rock Hill was an unexpected stop, but it was cute as could be. We found a beautiful park with swinging benches, mile-high trees, and a favorite, rows od forsythia bushes  (개나리 in korean). They instantly bring me back to the three years I spent in Korea, walking to Korean public school everyday. There were rocking chairs parked in front of the visitor center. We also came upon this auto garage shop which restores original Fords. We walked into what looked like an abandoned music store with brass instruments strung on the wall, and a mystical cat curling its tail on the wooden beams.

The day ended with a sugr rush of delicious iced salted caramel soda from a place called Amelie. Delightful and the perfect drink for the ride back blasting Brad Paisley.









20140315_100352 20140315_100806





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  1. Inock kim says:

    Thank you for bringing me to the deep south town with good photos.

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