yet another birrrrthday

Friday night, katy and I finally made it to a restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to since it opened with our bfs ( best friend). We had to wait for half an hour even with reservations at 9pm but it was nice to have drinks for starters. The food was tasty and it felt good to know all the food was locally grown, produced, managed  by the farmer owners themselves.


The boys got ribs and a burger. So I should explain the picture of the guys taking pictures of the food. V always makes fun of me when I take pictures of attractive food I cook, order, see. He doesn’t really understand the point of needing to record the food I ate. Food is for eating not looking good, especially to a famished stomach. And apparently J is the same way. So when the food came out, we all  started flashing pictures, although Katy and I were the only sincere ones. It was a pretty hilarious moment. I’m undeterred. As a big journal/list writer, recording the foods I eat on a regular basis has always been a secret pleasure of mine. It somehow makes me feel more grounded, or something. Taking pictures is just another way of doing that. After stuffing ourselves full, Katy got the restaurant to bring an enormous red velvet cake plus birthday candle to celebrate Julien’s big day.

f20140307_21151220140307_215247  20140307_21531820140307_215601


It was such a good night. After a long week, it was nice to relax and have a drink with good friends. I’m so glad to be able to celebrate special moments with these two.

20140307_223000 20140307_223021 20140307_223024


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jsk says:

    that food looks phenomenal! (i think the pasta was the right choice)
    and that story about the guys taking food images is so funny!!!

  2. Christine says:

    this looks like such a cozy and delicious birthday dinner!

  3. saena says:

    oh the food looks delish! i can’t decide between the pasta or the burger. with french fries and the red velvet cake!

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