birthday bash, pt 2

Since the 8th, so much has happened this month. The day after I had my birthday gathering, we got to go to a wizards game at the verizon center thanks to my brother-in-law. We decided this would be our valentine’s treat.

  20140209_182227 (2) 20140209_191511 20140209_20311120140209_182227 (2) 20140209_182215 (1) 20140209_203251 20140209_182227 (1)

Later that week, I went to Mari Vanna a happening Russian restaurant, where my friend treated me to an amazing Russian birthday lunch. My favorite part was the post lunch tea with gigantic pieces of napoleon and honey cake, a common Russian dessert. The tea cups took me back to the the train rides to moscow where we would be served tea in those beautiful tea mugs and how I would have black tea with a sweet treat three times a day with my host mom. The pictures in the second row are from the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen. From the wallpapers to the tea spout water facuet and embroidered cloth napkins. I highly recommend going there, and by there I mean the mari vanna bathroom!

IMG_20140207_161638 20140207_151929

20140207_164344  20140207_164358 20140207_16435120140207_164403

Then during the weekend, three of my college friends came down where they all happened to be around the same time. This is such a rarity and the night was so surreal and special. I really wish I could see them more often. After mulling over where to go and what to do, we opted to make our dinner inside, protected from the icy winds. We went to trader joe’s, gathered ingredients and cooked gigantic veggie burgers and beef burgers paired with plenty of red wine.


20140215_22562020140215_221313          20140215_21022620140215_20564620140215_214428

One of my friends Astoria stayed a few days more because we all had work off for President’s Day. We went exploring in Old town alexandria, which I haven’t been in a number of months. It was nice to find a new shop i hadn’t been to, which i will definitely be going back to. It’s called Urban Attic and is has all these beautiful trinkets and treasures, cookbooks with beautiful photography and handmade cards that make me want to become a graphic designer. We did a lot of cooking at home, from pork stir fry to a taco crunch supreme.

20140214_134639 taken from the awesome diy blog ‘a beautiful mess’

20140216_114124 20140216_114005 20140216_113907 20140216_11385220140216_113759

It’s only a couple days away and February will come to an end. This is the first month that I don’t have woeful regret that February will be a memory soon. It’s been the richest, most memorable birthday I can remember.


Valentine’s day breakfast (the heart shape bread was unintentional. It was like it knew..)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Inock kim says:

    What a blissfull birthday!
    May God’s grace be with you allthe time!

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for the recap I loved reading about your birthday celebrations they sound marvelous !

  3. saena says:

    oh yay. happy birthday eunice. it sounds like you had a lovely time miss you dear.

    1. aventuramare says:

      Thanks saena! Miss u too. Gotta get up yo nyc sometime soon!

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