birthday bash part 1

Another birthday post has landed its way on my blog. I know, it’s rather repetitive and I warn you the next post will be birthday themed as well. I should just call this a birthday blog.

It’s actually been more like a birthday month for me. I was so blessed to have good friends and family visit this month, and of course I relate everything that happens in February to my birthday. A couple weekends ago, we planned for a few  friends to come over, have some drinks, and check out our new place. We had planned on going to this paint art and drink wine event at a gallery after drinks but ended up staying in up till midnight, having too much fun with talk and wine to leave. The birthday gathering was a wonderful way to celebrate my climb towards adulthood. I’m so grateful to have these friends closeby to experience the good and rough times together.

Photo credit: I only took the first and last photos and I credit the photos to O.B., who came to the rescue and took these awesome shots. I love how there’s a glowing effect from the filtering.  The following weekend I had another birthday delight, which I’ll post about soon.)

Sweet potato cajun fries, salmon cucumber boats and a mini-bean burgers


IMG_2078(1)opening a handmade bday card  IMG_3169  IMG_4826(1)

D.C. chicks IMG_5697(1)

                            IMG_5827(1)       IMG_8048(1)


                                                                              k.t. made me lemon bday squares!


salut et au revoir


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jsk says:

    oh how perfectly lovely!! those meals sounds scrumptious….plus it’s nice to be able to say “dc chicks”

  2. saena says:

    Yay ! Happy birth month Eunice I always celebrate the month miss you

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