Hanging out with the Marx Brothers

Hanging out with the Marx Brothers

I took a trip to Baltimore to visit Astoria and celebrate a late birthday. A started her year long internship with Center Stage, which sounds like such a good gig to fall into as a first job. She works in the development department, and I think it will bring lots of experience and easier transitioning into post-college life. Also, she gets free tickets to shows! She got tickets for us to see the Marx brothers musical called ‘Animal Crackers’ (1928) which also became a film a couple years later. The slap stick humor and dialog from that time was priceless not to mention the live band playing the musical numbers.

Unfortunately no photos were allowed in the beautiful Pearl theater… but that didn’t stop me. Notice the picture of A and me looking like we’re doing something we’re not supposed to be doing, yeah that’s while we were waiting for the show to start. We also went to a favorite coffee shop of Laura’s during her three-day stay in Baltimore called Tribeca. It’s right around the corner from where we used to live. We went to a cute little cafe for lunch called Milk & honey. Great ambiance and I give it more points for having lots of local community flyers and advertisements. Reminded me of one my favorite Richmond hangouts ‘Crossroads’. Overall, a great way to spend the weekend.



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  1. Inock Kim says:

    It sounds great!

  2. jsk says:

    oh my gosh! i came back to look for more posts because it hought my subscription was broken, but my comment on this didn’t post! way back when!

    anyhoo, i like how all the photos are assembled like an insta-montage (though i’m not opposed to more photos either!)
    love that evening’s itinerary, and you guys look so cute!
    another post please!

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