how the public library made my day


today at Beatley library

Val and I went to the public library in Alexandria to watch a movie showing. I had been looking forward to this all week. What was it, folks?


An Agatha Christie movie marathon! Granted, if I had it my way, I would have been there for the whole shbang, but I wanted V to get to know Agatha a bit first. So we went to see one movie, Ten Little Indians, the 1965 version. I woulda preferred seeing The Mirror Cracked where Miss Jane Marple goes about uncovering one clever clue at a time. I always liked it better when Miss Marple was there because she had such a comedic sharpness but comforting presence. This may be hard to believe but Ten Little Indians was almost a little too suspenseful for me.

20130913_151212 20130913_151205

                                            the doctor, actress, detective                ten little indians still alive

The movie watcher was a witness to each murder as one by one the victims fell prey…It was pretty fantastic that a black and white film from ’65 could have such an effect on me, but it’s also probably because I have the worst movie jitters. I’m terrible at watching horror movies, and never had any taste for them. I shriek out loud in movies at the most obvious scare moments and as I avoid them, I can probably count all scary thrillers I’ve watched in the past decade. (i.e. The Village, Hannibal Lector, Sixth Sense, the first ten minutes of The Hostel before I ran out of the room)  but I do like the clever mind games that mystery novels (and movies) give. I was still jumpy at the parts right before the lights flickered out in the mansion and the female guest gave a terrific scream, a gunshot rang out and then bam, the judge was found dead in his bedroom. And remember, there were nine other suspenseful moments such as these, including a scene with a black cat and a dark cellar. But anyway, I think I kept my cool. After all, we were in a large nearly empty meeting room in the public library. The screening room was just fantastic, by the way, with a screen that’s four times the size of one of our apartment walls.

Never have I known a library (or have taken notice) of all the wonderful things that you can do at a public library. Movie screenings, author talks, reading groups, and check out what I saw by the front door:

20130913_163024And all so very free. I highly recommend checking out your public library events. Also, I’m excited for fall. An agatha christie movie was just what I needed to usher in the upcoming fall for me. Perhaps I should take a pause from reading my book on second language teaching and dabble in some adventures with Miss Marple.


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  1. jsk says:

    how do you feel about Joan hickson as miss market? (i think she’s the best miss marple)

    was so excited when you sent me that photo! i was scared watching it too, and i felt a little sheepish bc i knew what happened.

    speaking of great free things, on Hulu you can watch hitchcock’s tv series for free, and it’s so goood!

    1. aventuramare says:

      Oo great tip! Joan hickson..ive only seen one version of miss Marple and im not sure if that was her. ill look it up and get back to you:)

  2. Inock kim says:

    I miss public library in America.

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