fox in a box

Valentin and I live in a box. Actually it’s a box in a box in a box.

The box is the room we’re renting from a nice lady living in a townhouse, the second box, which is in kingstowne suburb, the third box. In the now month that we’ve been living here, I’ve already made this place my home, as I so quickly do with any place I chance upon. The reason we chose this place is because of how new and recent this place was built, it’s accessibility to DC, the metro and shopping centers galore. And I must say Valentin was particularly pleased about the absence of a kitchen.

Our first home after marriage is a test of many strengths, for instance, how many hours can you sit in one room with someone in complete silence? How long can you sleep while the other is reading with the lamp shining bright in your face?  How many microwaved instant meals can you eat before in your room before you start to wonder if the radioactive waves must be having a quicker effect since there’s no place for it to go? Well, these are the wonderful perusing that arise when you live in a box.

This lifestyle is no easy picnic, but overall, I’m growing pretty attached to living here, I think mostly because it’s our first home. Here are some things that I imagine people may be wondering:

1. Do you wish that you could have your own space sometimes?  A big fat yes. Actually, the first thing to know about me is that I love people invading my bubble. It’s true. I’ve always loved having roommates and have lived with one every year since freshman year in 2006.  So, I don’t mind living in close quarters with Valentin, especially since I’m pretty into him. The biggest reason I want space these days is because I am a big skyp-er, always have been always will be. And since we’ve both agreed not to have phone/skype conversations with others when we’re in the same room, it really limits my time and gets in the way with scheduling skype dates. At any time of the day, I can think of at least ten people out of the country that I should probably skype with soon. so yeah, trying to cope.

2. Do you eat out a lot since you don’t have a kitchen? Nope. The only times we went out to eat this month was when we went into DC to see the dentist. We are home eaters and we love it.

3. So, what do y’all eat?? I thought we’d end up eating a lot of instant meals, but actually we’ve probably eaten healthier than ever. Val has oatmeal with bananas and almonds every morning, I have greek yogurt with fruit + COFFEE. Lunch is turkey sandwiches, Raw veggies, grapes, cheese, or I’ll make ratatouille in the slow cooker. For dinner, rice and kimchi or pototoes or bread with turkey sausage. We recently invested in an egg boiler, which as you might guess, boils eggs. I’m happy to announce I’ve started doing major trader joe’s groceries (btw have you heard about that guy who is being sued by TJ because he’s reselling their products in canada called Pirate Joe’s?

4. Why did you decide to rent one room rather than an apartment? It may seem rather strange that we decided to live here when we had cheaper options to live in Richmond. There’s nothing in DC that is tying us down, except, well, DC itself. I have to remind myself every morning that I’m a hop, skip, jump away from the capital of this country, and the city is just waiting for me to conquer it. It is exhilarating/scary that we’re just out here waiting for the right opportunity to come along..ok ok for us to grab in desperation is more like it.

5. How long will you live there? At first I thought it would be for two months max, but I’m starting to think it would be a major money saver if we stayed here long term, AND would get us faster to our postponed honeymoon to Asia. woohoo.

To summarize my life in a list of things I like and do not like about my fox in a box lifestyle:

Things I don’t like:

gas prices and driving everywhere

food prices

suburb life

not having a community…YET

still not being able to find a farmer’s market

harder to entertain people

having too much time to reflect

Things I like:

being roommates with val

being near DC

not having to wash dishes

minimal cleaning

not having to pay utilities

living only twenty minutes away from an H-MART!

living walking distance to panera bread where they have fresh loaves for us to consume

we don’t have to buy stuff that will become trash in mere months

a beautiful yard to relax in


having a lot of time to reflect

SO more good stuff than bad. Hey, my optimism is coming back! Also, here’s a recent post by my favorite designer emily henderson, on beautiful house decorating treasures she found in the DC area on craigslist, which YOU can buy, but I cannot because I live in a box.

And here are some personal accounts by a lady who recently came back from living in paris for one year with her husband and 2 kids. Yeah, they just upped and moved from san francisco to paris. The blog is here. Good ol day dreaming for me.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Inock kim says:

    Thank you for sharing life together at your first home.
    I enjoyed it.

  2. jsk says:

    me too, very much, i could see a great picture book coming out of this ‘fox in a box’ entry.
    meanwhile, how enviable to to have a good hmart nearby!

  3. Anonymous says:


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