Old Town Alexandria

Valentin and I have officially moved to our first home after marriage to Alexandria. We’ve only been here a few days and I already feel pretty great about it. I’ll post more about our living situation later but I wanted to share some pictures from the nice Sunny Afternoon we had after church. We went to DC Metro Church, a place my dad suggested we go to and it was both an expected and unexpected experience. An expected one because it is pretty typical of what you would expect from a nondenominational contemporary church these days: free coffee (the krispy kreme donuts were a plus), casual attire, great soft rock style music and a laid back sermon. It was surprising to me though that such a big church of over 1,000 could exist in the middle of a city, within the older and smaller town of Alexandria. It’s in a building so obscure, almost factory-like and inside, they have kind of a theater clean-cut approach with lots of high tech equipment and little decor except the shiny colored lights providing a backdrop for the pulpit. You can see what I mean if you watch any of the sermon videos here:

DC Metro Sermons

Since this is the first church we have been to, I’m not 100% sure this is where we will commit to, but I did go back later that evening for a evening session to becoming a member and so far so good.

Afterward, we walked around the town and explored a bit. It happened to be Alexandria’s annual Sidewalk Sale! Weekend which meant free parking and lots of people strolling about for a good find. I saw some pretty hats and the cutest leather bag at Anthropologie, which I hope one day will become mine. Today I just pretended.




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6 Comments Add yours

  1. jsk says:

    first of al, they sure gave you a humongous scoop!
    second of all, I always think of you and moozie when I see that sign…
    third, can totally see you with both the hat and bag in your possessions… the hat looks like mommas red hat!
    fourth, what a lovely day to spend in a cute neighborhood! I’m glad you two are enjoying it so much

    1. aventuramare says:

      Really humongous scoop. It was really good!!

  2. Inock kim says:

    It happened to be the side wak sale day, how lucky you are!
    Ans what a coincidence the metro church is in
    Alexandria! I like the house with red brick path, a little bench, and dflowers sides.

  3. Alexandria looks like a very nice place :). Can’t wait for more about your time there!

  4. Anonymous says:


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