I got married 11 days ago.

Doesn’t it seem so much longer ago?  In a way, my wedding day felt like an ordinary day. I felt completely myself, putting up my hair and makeup as usual and getting into a dress that was a bit fancier than usual. O, why thank you, Valentin, for that pretty pearl necklace, what’s the special occasion? As the day went on, the ceremony came to a close and people kept flashing photos of me, and I wondered why. I was astonished at how beautiful everyone looked in their Sunday best, and when I complimented them, they always laughed and said, no Eunice, you are! And I would have to look down and remember, hm why yes, the wedding dress is quite pretty!

Maybe the best way to describe this surreal reality I felt was a floating out of body experience. Everything I had been planning for months on the phone, on paper, on my fiance and repeatedly imagined were actually unfolding as physical movements in my awakened consciousness. I’ve had so many daymares, nightmares, and sweet dreams about this day. I guess when it finally happened, my brain wasn’t able to register the reality around me, confusing it for just another dream.

And just like any extraordinary dream, it ended way too soon and at the sweetest moment. I felt so special and loved to have the people dearest to Valentin and me to all literally circle around and feel that love fill the room. That is why weddings are so precious, not just because they are shiny and pretty but because of the moments that are created by diverse people brought together, with purpose. There is an intangible, inexplicable, potent mixture that emerged from wedding guests meeting intimately for the first time, standing shoulder to shoulder and giving to us and receiving a bountiful of loyalty, respect, and honor.  I definitely wasn’t aware of this during my wedding. I remained in wide eyed wonder and daze until the end. I wish I could repeat this day over and over to experience that specialness in different ways…but in fact, I know that the white dress, flowers, bride and groom need not be present  for such a lovely gathering to arise. It could be a birthday party, or a reunion at a bar, hosting a bbq or a beach trip to see the sunrise. How good it is to see that my future is bright with many more precious communions including all those present!

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Thank you dear friends. Love.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Inock kim says:

    It is beautifully described, Eunice. It was the most meaningful wedding cermony and the reception I ever attended because of all the reasons you said.

  2. jsk says:

    what a beautiful commemorative testament, and a slogan to live the coming days by, all in one…

    so proud of you!

  3. Great photos….love your bouquet!

    Congratulations — and many happy years/decades ahead.

    1. aventuramare says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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