Hello baltimore

It’s been a fulfilling but most crazy past couple weeks and we’re finally in Baltimore.



Cathedral Hill Historic District


A mobile fruit stand


Hard at work, Mr. Postman


canon from the 19th century! and check out those battleships


Fell’s Point


ahoy, decks up!


At a park with gigantic sculptures with point endpoints

Baltimore-20130611-03607#1  Baltimore-20130611-03606#1

An orthodox church on Eastern avenue (still in Fell’s point)


Setting up home


What’s that? delicious godiva truffles?


Taking a break at the inner harbor



That about sums up our time in Baltimore so far. well, kind. I’m glad I got to show you some pictures. Somehow my cameraphone decided to start working again. I swear it has a mind of its own! One of the perks of being in the mid-town area is that that we’re close to everything we could possibly need: little groceries, STARBUCKS, places to eat, parks, amazing historic neighborhoods, bus lines, metro lines, train station. hoorah. Baltimore is certainly a forgotten treasure, and definitely does not get enough credit, and the city life is much more vibrant than any other place I’ve lived in the past three years. I can’t wait for friends and family to see the city. Come visit!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Inock Kim says:

    It looks a great city. a new discovery about Baltimore.

  2. lepaindemie says:

    yaaay glad to see you guys settling in!!!!

  3. jsk says:

    why those ARE delicious godiva truffles

  4. yayyy!! i like the pictures a lottt 🙂

  5. jsk says:

    i spy it now! the watermelon carriages!

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