Orthodox Easter

One weekend ago it was easter orthodox. V and I went to the Romanian orthodox service at around midnight on saturday and it lasted several hours. It was a lovely service even though I barely understood the liturgy since it was in Romanian. I definitely napped for the last half of the service, but I’m proud of us for sticking it through!

Durham-20130505-03480   IMG-20130505-03479\After the service


Lining up to kiss the cross


In front of the church

We lit the candles at the beginning of the service and kept it lit all the way until we got home, as tradition requests.

I also half haphazardly tried to make cozonac, the Romanian easter bread that is traditionally made. But then it started to look funny and I think it’s a far cry from what V ibs used to eating, but here it is!

Durham-20130506-03490 Durham-20130506-03491

Happy Easter Orthodox!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Inock Kim says:

    What a special experience! The bread looks delicious.

  2. jsk says:

    wow! /i’m/proud of you guys that you stuck it out, that’s a long service!
    there really is something very lovely about being part of an experience, a ritual part of a long heritage and tradition though.

    meanwhile, whatever it is,
    the bread looks like some nice fat french toast

  3. That looks like “pască”. And it looks delicious btw :).

    1. aventuramare says:

      Thanks! It was a little too big but yummy. 🙂

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