the price of a photo

I went out of town (to DC) this weekend, and on the way back from the trip, I stopped by Christine’s lovely home to visit family and kick off the salon night that my sister brilliantly put together (for more info see here)

I was most excited to see Sloane and even more excited when Christine told me that she had started to CRAWL, on her own. By then, already six or so of C’s friends had arrived and all of sudden we put baby on the carpet to see the amazing phenomenon take place. click click click i furiously started taking pictures, or well, as fast as I could, which by the way takes about 4.5 seconds for each picture with my blackberry and then to my horror I realized that I had run out of memory (b/c five minutes before, I was filming Sloane adorably try to climb over the couch) and so, I deleted what I thought were all old pics I had already uploaded. gasp, horror.

I had deleted not only previous pictures of Sloane but my entire weekend of photos from my short trip. gasp horror. again. NOoo.

and then, just like that, I didn’t care. because I still had little sloane crawling, all on her own.  and, anyway,I got the best pictures from this weekend.


Fairfield-20130323-03286 Fairfield-20130323-03287


Definitely one of the best weekends of 2013 that I want to remember.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Inock Kim says:

    oh, dear!! That must be so sad…
    Sloane is really crawling! Thank you for the precious pictures.

  2. jsk says:

    i echo momma’s statements.
    precious moments, precious photos.

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