I have electronically submitted my paper to the (as danielle puts it) the magical gods of theses aka graduate school administration. I still have to wait and see if they reject the formatting, and there’s more to revise before my defense in two weeks, but I’ve definitely reached a big landmark. As celebration, I took a shower and a LONG nap. Now I have to revise and submit my paper for the conference I have on Friday but as I continue to march on, I thought I’d put some highlights of the last few months, mostly food, as we wrote our papers:

1.  we cleaned

Durham-20130306-03238 Durham-20130306-03237 Durham-20130306-03239 Durham-20130306-03240 Durham-20130306-03242

2. did NOT rescue a cute fledgling (learned our lesson from last spring)


3. ate food (alfredo linguini w/ shirmp & mushrooms; tomato pork chops)Durham-20130308-03248 Durham-20130307-03245#1

4. and ate more (pork lettuce wrap with sauce)

Durham-20130312-03255 Durham-20130312-03257 Durham-20130312-03256 Durham-20130312-03258

5. Experienced insomnia (from all the excessive thinking)


6. made dreams for the future (with my study buddy Danielle)


7. and went traveling to a beautiful garden in europe

photo(22) photo(21)

JUST KIDDING. We actually walked over to the patch of grass yesterday and pretended we were in a beautiful garden (see below where you can see the same trees behind me). But it was actually really beautiful.


I’ll end on a random note by mentioning a photography website I stumbled upon while I was writing this post. The 3AM photo posted above was actually taken by  a humanitarian photographer name Tony Cece. I just took it from google images, but clicking on it led me to his amazing blog with so many beautiful photographs that Cece took while traveling in Mali, Haiti, India and more. I recommend checking it out!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Inock Kim says:

    Good work, Eunce, and Val!!
    I am proud both of you.

  2. lepaindemie says:

    You’ll get through it all! It’s just a matter of time. Soon I’ll be the one up all night working

  3. Mike Rogue says:

    Love this post Eunice! I do everything I’ve been meaning to do when I have a big paper due

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