Bbq lifts up spirits

Isn’t it the greatest when your significant other drives 1.5 hours down to Greensborro to bring you back some real southern smoked bbq pork??? Well, it almost happened to me. V did go down to Greensborro and brought me back said meal but he was also there for a conference and was having lunch with his professor before heading back. But it was still so sweet when I came to pick him up from the library and HE had dinner waiting for me in a little baggie. Image
It’s also really nice to have the luxury of driving down to a local cafe and spend hours reading and writing my thoughts into a finely tuned thesis. sigh. I’m trying to romanticize this whole process, but I’m really really ready to be done and turn this thing in! But yes, I do have moments where I appreciate my position as a student. Alas, they are only moments. 




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