Audio documentary

pcm D-50

I’m taking a class in audio documentary this semester. Here are a few sources I learned about that I’ve enjoyed so far:

Chris brookes story on the first radio signal- the particular story I listened to is called “The Letter S”

Kitchen sisters is a radio program that started in the seventies and has often been featured on NPR Morning edition and All things considered. This particular story called Tupperware party was one of their first stories. It’s a real hoot. about 2 min.

Tupperware party by the Kitchen sisters

There’s another Kitchen sisters story that I’m listening to now which I can already tell is fabulous, time transporting and will send chills up and down my spine. The one hour story is called WHER: 1000 beautiful watts, and it’s about an all girls radio station that Sam Philips started in 1955 in Memphis, TN. WHER story

An annual audio festival website – This audio festival hosts an annual competition and has some pretty nifty themes

soundcloud – website where you can upload your own sound/stories

I’ve been testing out the PCM-D50 recorder which I can use for the semester. It is incredibly pricy, has impressive mics that angle in different ways and is considerably heavy compared to the lightweight mac products I’m used to. The kit I borrowed from the Cage (that’s what the equipment rental room is called) comes with giant headphones with ear pieces that I’m sure make me look like minnie mouse (I compared mine with the other students’ and for some reason, mine were the biggest).

I’m trying to find a good story angle for the theme of Sports and Society. It is a very very broad topic, I know. And I could get as creative as I want. Any ideas?


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  1. jsk says:

    oh my gosh, what a wonderful range of classes your school offers! and you’re choosing all the best ones it seems like! THIS CLASS LOOKS LIKE THE BEST! and what neat little doodad you get to use. i took a class called ‘male fantasy sports’ in collge that was fascinating, and i’ll send you the paper in case it is helpful in brainstorming

    can’t wait to “see” (hear) what you produce!

  2. Christine says:

    I am so jealous that you get to take this class – it’s a class I would love to be able to take!! And yes I have ideas let’s brainstorm this wknd?

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