Makes sense

I am already intensely enjoying my class on the author Orhan Pamuk. His writings and background have raised challenging questions that have seeped into my personal life as well. It started out with a journal essay prompt, the implications of a so-called Eastern literature clashing with a Western one. How does their intersection shape the author’s identity? How does world literature play a role in third world literature?

But my ideas have not been polished, they are still rough and cracked and scattered all across the desert of the literary mind. As usual, I am not sure where to start and end. Structuring essays are a headache! What, a headache! Why does academic writing have to be so far from sincere prose?

At any rate, I feel ready to face this writing challenge thanks to a clarifying moment I had today. Check out this sermon I heard today (January 20) in this month’s series called What on earth am I here for? It inspired me to grip the difficulties that are present present present, that are here NOW. The difficulties include what I was just referring to above, the expectation of good academic writing that you know will never be perfect, but on a grander scale, they are all those worries and questions about where you ought to be: my future. who I should be. resolutions. pain still emanating from a heartbreaking loss. Well I was reminded today how I should utilize the dread I feel about these difficulties. Skirting away from the elephant in the room is pointless, isn’t it? Why not poke at its trunk and get to know him a bit?


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  1. Inock Kim says:

    welcome to real world and becoming an adult. Congratualtions!

  2. jsk says:

    what momma said..but also,

    i really appreciate the thought process behind his “the innocence of objects” guidebook. how neat your school has a whole class on one author!

    i think, too, that your strength in writing readable and coherent prose can absolutely be applied to academic writing, it’s just the difference between putting the cupcake batter in the muffin pan and waiting for it bake up in an orderly fashion (and then icing) versus sticking your finger in the batter bowl and taking joyful licks however you please. the sound foundational (cupcake batter) is still the same. you can do it!

    1. aventuramare says:

      ah you are so right! cupcake batter is such a good way to get in the writing mood. Thanks!

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