All good things come to an end.

It’s a good thing there are many other new beginnings! such as setting off to durham from richmond, starting my first day class of the last semester ever, starting my new year’s resolutions.

I’m prepping for the first day by doing some textbook shopping and making lists. I’m going to miss being a student I’m sure. Gotta milk it for all its worth!!!

I’m at a new cafe in richmond called Stir Crazy on Mcarthur. Well no it’s not new, but new to me. I love these local spots, the highlight of this place is a wall covered entirely with framed black and white sketches of wild animals. The house coffee stir crazy is not so bad either.

As sad as it is that christmas is over, this Brad paisley song called 364 days to go may cheer you up. My favorite part:

Brad Paisley Song

As sad as it is,
We can’t avoid it
No way around it
Before too long we’ll be
Either back to work back to school
Or just back to reality

Don’t you get the sense tonight
That for now the world is right
And as another Christmas ends
My mind drifts and once again
I’m thinking like a six year old
Only 364 days to go

Be here before you know it


One Comment Add yours

  1. sharon says:

    what a very brad paisley ish song (in the best way)

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