Breathe in some Richmond fun

Since the craft party, I’ve been soaking in some good ol’ family time. We spent a week at my sister’s in Richmond, opening presents, singing songs accompanied by ukelele, even a bit of rock climbing, and of course lots and lots of good food. It was especially nice to see my parents and old friends I haven’t seen in a long time.

Here is a potpourri of snapshots of my Richmond holiday:

Chapel Hill-20121224-03061Durham-20121225-03072

Christmas eve candlelight service in Durham……..Presents for family wrapped and ready to travel.

Richmond-20121227-03079 Richmond-20121227-03091

Cancan with mom and Lo                                                   Quality time with Alek and his awesome cooking

Richmond-20121227-03090 Richmond-20121227-03089

Fresh bread!                                                                             kitchen 64 with middle school friends


breakfast at Cancan                                                                Fondue party at my dream house


Rock climbing with Lo


New Year’s at Havana 59                                           So proud of our 1st prize in the traditional game of ‘yut’


Sloane & me

The following pictures show the long process of making cabbage rolls (in Romanian they’re called sarmale) we made for christmas dinner, turned out great!:

Durham-20121225-03064 Durham-20121225-03062     Durham-20121225-03066 Durham-20121225-03065    Durham-20121225-03069Durham-20121225-03067

We are back in Durham for a few days but will head back to Richmond again soon.

Happy New Year!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jsk says:

    who is alek?? and i recognize those boy’s faces from the middle school gathering, i think one of them is named jason. (meanwhile, that’s not samantha is it?!)

    MMMM those cabbage rolls look delicious
    and look very much like the ones i get at my favorite polish restaurant..
    congratulations on the yut win! (whoever won the grass race? btw) i think the win means you will get one million dollars this upcoming year. or one million chances to be happy. i forget which. both pretty good.

    also, i bet lolo’s armpits aren’t sore because she rock climbs regularly, but aren’t yours aching something terrible? that looks like a non-infantilized climbing wall!

  2. aventuramare says:

    haha alek is our friend from college and yes you are right about my m.s. friends on both counts! The grass race was a tie among all parties! mostly because it became too hard to see who was winning cause it grew way too fast and the muffin tray was not the best pot for the plants. The rock climbing was not as hard as i thought, a lot of fun!!

  3. Christine says:

    I wish this week could have kept going on and on ..!

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