craft party


this week,

coco came,

bought a tree,

made some crafts,

babysat and felt like a mom

got 3rd degree burns from hot glue gun


Durham-20121220-03009 Durham-20121220-03008    Durham-20121219-03002 Durham-20121219-03001 Durham-20121219-03000 Durham-20121219-02999

(Snow for the tree that we are billowing)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jsk says:

    wow! the paper balls look just like the ones from the website you sent us! do you think you will go with them for the wedding after having tried making it?

    you guys look so cute and congenial, and no wonder, what w/ felt and hot glue guns, crafts and popcorn. all very nice things indeed

    1. aventuramare says:

      thanks, it was a lot of fun:) and yeah, i think i will attempt to do it, unless i find better ideas.

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