Grâu- St. Andrews Day Tradition

So the last post I put up some pictures which were a bunch of seeds spread out in a muffin tin with labels on each muffin pocket.

This is actually a common Romanian tradition that takes place on 30th of November (on St.Andrews Day). In Romanian this is ‘Grau’ or wheat and so you take wheat seeds and put them in a soaked bed of cotton or papertowels, make separate cups that represent each person you want to include. Then the race begins and you see whose is the tallest by Christmas Day. The one who has the tallest grass wins and will have the good fortune and blessing for the upcoming new year. I labeled everyone here including Dad, mom, christine, Ken, Sloane, Sharon, Paul, Lois, Joe, Val and Luca and me. This was so much fun for me especially because we couldn’t find any wheat/barley seeds anywhere and ended up at a petstore where they sell these packets of mixed grass seed as “growable catnip’ and is a rich dietary supplement for them. I couldn’t believe that it would actually work!

At the end of week 1, Sekwang and Sloane are in the lead! They sure grow fast.

Durham-20121207-02929 Durham-20121207-02930 Durham-20121207-02931


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jsk says:

    nominate for best post! what a great tradition/hilarious solution to implementing it right there in durham. keep us updated on the growth please !

  2. Christine says:

    This is so awesome !!

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