Hiking at Eno

Saturday was Val’s birthday so we went to eno park to hike as the birthday boy wished, after we picked up astoria who was also visiting. it was quite an adventure, as I went with a courageous bunch who liked to cross rivers that had slippery rocks as guiding steps. Here’s astoria in triumphant ecstasy having conquered her fears.

We were super hungry after the hike and went to an awesome turkish restaurant recommended by my professor called Tallulas in Chapel Hill. We got a Mezzes dish which are appetizers, the sebezeli manti which were steamed dumplings in a yogurt sauce, so good! And really good bread basket with sesame and a butter glaze. For the main courses, we got the Iskender, which is a Doner Kebab  (sliced leg of lamb) with pickled red cabbage and fish. I just say fish because I completely forget what the name of this dish is and it was a special, which makes it extra tricky to look up. For drinks, my favorite was the ginger cocktail, which could have been a meal in itself!

Then we went to the arts center in chapel hill for Playslam!, which was fifteen short plays that were practiced that day and the audience voted on the best one. It was so much fun to be in a theater among local playwrights and actors. When we got home we were too exhausted to do anything but sleep, a nine hour nap was the perfect way to finish off the day.

Happy birthday Val!


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  1. jsk says:

    that seems like the perfect way to spend a birthday, honestly (eno state park seems especially wonderful!).. and i’m awfully curious,
    which play ended up winning?

    1. aventuramare says:

      A play called the last word, they were only one to two minutes long. We ended up seeing more like twenty five in total so they are all mixed in my head but this one was the last moments of a prisoner on death row and the scene is placed om the day he is supposed to die and its about how he plays mind games with the executioner to let him off.

  2. jsk says:

    …. who wins??! or, er “loses”?

  3. Alin says:

    :)) e prima oara când te vad cu ochelari.

    1. Valentin says:

      Şi nu ai văzut poza care îmi arată partea intelectuală! Vârsta! Pe unul îl lasă ceva pe altul vederea. Noroc cu tehnologia, aşa mai ajungem şi noi pe la 60 ani fără probleme majore. : D

  4. Christine says:

    That really sounds like the a perfect day..!

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