Everywhere but durham

This weekend I was in a lot of places that were not durham. The advantage of living in this area is that there are a lot of small cities close to each other, each with its own flavor and spirit. Val and I were in Carborro at this awesome restaurant called Southern Rail and yes, the theme of the place is a train station, and the restaurant area is in a life size train itself. The bar next to it is called The Station, and you guessed it, it is in the train station where you supposedly wait for the next train to arrive. There we had the best nachos I’ve ever had sans beef and plus sour cream. We were actually there for Pivo (meaning beer in russian) night, a gathering of faculty and students from the UNC Russian department.

Southern Rail

The Station

In the morning, I got some goodies at the Farmer’s market including some jerusalem artichokes (recipe link) that are quite good by itself, with a crunchy pear texture

The  next night I was in Raleigh, a city that I do not venture often since it’s about a forty minutes drive, but it is the biggest in the triangle with the tallest skyscrapers (tallest as in compared to more town-like places) I was there for non-profit event, Activate Good’s annual fashion show fundraiser. This was my second time there but this time Nina and I got to sit super close to the runway, and had an awesome view.

For dinner, we went to a newly opened laotian restaurant called Bida Manda and had a intense cocktail that included bourbon and coconut cream with a coconut and chicken soup, and soft shell crab. Amazing food!

This weekend was the perfect time to spend outdoors, the crisp fall air just took my breath away. I’m so thankful to be living in North Carolina with great weather and company.
Happy November folks!


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  1. jsk says:

    yay LOVE sunchokes! also, those nachos do look incredibly delicious for some reason, my mouth just watered

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