the good and bad

Bull street gourmet is a cute little cafe restaurant that has many good eats but the one I tried was the most terrible sandwich. I don’t blame the restaurant, just my tastebuds, I never knew what shiitake mushrooms tasted like, and they are awful! The sandwich also had a big slice of tofu that was actually nicely seasoned so at least I got my bit of protein for lunch. In redemption, I made some portabella mushroom mini tacos with bell peppers and black beans and they were scrumptously delicious. Portabellas rule!

In short, it was a beautiful weekend, catching glimpses of gorgeous beauty in the most ordinary places. Happy end of the weekend!


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  1. sharon says:

    shitake mushrooms are usually used in japchae, do you not like them then either? also, don’t give up on them! it really matters how you cook them. your portobello looks impressive, and the ingredients for the taco sounds delicious

    1. aventuramare says:

      hm yea you’re right! now that i think about it, the ones i tried had the same texture as the japchae ones. I guess those aren’t as bitter but I’ve never liked the squishiness and usually avoid it!

  2. jsk says:

    i remember when i was younger i used to refer to them as the ‘headache-y mushrooms’ because they smelled like a headache to me and uhma was like, […] uh, what.

  3. Christine says:

    I love that you are posting often! Also, now I’m hungry …

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