heavy eyed

Again, i just need some inspiration on this Ocean day. That’s right, I have been renaming the days of the week to disassociate myself from the feelings I usually get from the jaded and dreary meanings they hold for me. But as breezy cool the day has been, I am in a rut. Must keep eyes open. perhaps this warm fuzzy bathrobe is not the best thing to be wearing when working (btw mom I still have the one you gave me!)

So, I am drowsy and i have just been sitting in front of this screen, trying to figure out why i cared about this paper and why i was so sleepy and not feeling well and how hard could writing three pages could be? I am hoping that by giving my a brief guideline of my goal for this paper, I’ll be more motivated to finish, knowing that there are people out there rooting for me (well I know you would if you read this in time). It also makes me feel better to make notes and exercise my typing muscles:

So, introduction: half page, conclusion: half a page.

First section: Grammar of context, setting, participants, ends, speech acts. three quarter of page.

second section: how do people negotiate gaining the floor and maintaining it? are there multiple ways in which this excerpt could be interpreted?  one page

third section: analysis say about nature of conversation? social relationships expressed through language?  one quarter

oof still sleepy. i have like five hours until i am gonna be super tired of writing anything and i’d like to write one page an hour, then work on editing for half an hour, bibliography for twenty minutes = 4 hours, + 2 fifteen minute breaks. Be done by 11:45pm!


this makes me feel a little better…



3 Comments Add yours

  1. jsk says:


    is this the place? seems like a nice beer at such a tavern could help too/hope it did!

    1. aventuramare says:

      Yes! Darn didnt actually end up going. Watched hurt locker for the first time instead. But ill make sure and take pictures next time!

  2. Christine says:

    Hope u finished the paper ok! And I love that pic of u two..:)

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