Coco and penguin

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My cousin Lois is visiting this weekend for her/our fall break. We picked her up from the airport, played on the fiddle and went to one of my favorite outdoor patio restaurant bars called Geer Street Garden. For lunch which became dinner, we cooked up some of my korean favorites (mostly the only things I can cook well): Seaweed soup, anchovy honey stir fry, spicy pickled cucumber.


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  1. sharon says:

    ohhh how fun! i wish i were there. you guys look so pretty!

  2. lepaindemie says:

    omg Eunice!! that anchovy thing!! I just was served that dish at a korean restaurant and DID NOT know what it was! I thought it was little shrimp or fish skin or something. so its anchovies?? hmmm good to knowwww

    1. aventuramare says:

      haha it took me a second to realize which blog post you were referring to. yeah! i actually really like it cause its savory and sweet at the same time:)

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