Bolintin Vale

Bolintin Vale is a town right outside of Bucharest where Valentin is from. Unlike the suburbs that I’m used to surrounding urban locations, in Bucharest, it becomes immediate countryside. We spent most of the day there, and spent a lot of time observing farm animals and being frightened by them. Although I’ve always loved animals, I am always surprised at how out of touch I am with nature, I was absolutely fascinated by the sitting ducks near Val’s land where he has planted trees, by the hens and pig at his grandparent’s house, a foal galloping around by the fields next to the highway, cattle and sheep. At one point at the house, I frightened the hen that was in a little cage by itself (so she wouldn’t mate that season) so much that she started freaking out in the cage, pushed herself out and went speedily ran across the field. If you have ever seen a hen dash away in fright, you must. It’s hilarious.

Anyway, his grandparents also have a beautiful garden with green onions, tomatoes, lettuce and a patch of strawberries. So we went strawberry picking and ate them right away.

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