The next day was surprisingly a beautiful day with no promised rain to be heard and the sun hot as if it had never left. As the first part of our trip was a lot more hectic and time consuming from our constant spontaneous planning and late night traveling, we decided to take a day off from vacation, and spent the whole day sleeping, picnicking and touring around the great city of Marcon where the B&B is located. The neighborhood we stayed at is in a beautiful neighborhood, lots of trees, unique villas and new apartment complexes and even churches built with an pure geometric construction made up of circles and squares. The older architecture remains intact and untouched, aging, peeling but maintains an equally beautiful presence.The exquisite horticulture found in the front yard of each house was wonderful to look at. I’m not sure what the Marcon citizens thought of us as we wandered around for half the day in the small town of barely 13,000 people, what were these strange tourists doing in front of their houses, staring and taking pictures of them? Our lovely new friends at the laundry mat certainly did not understand why we thought their town was beautiful. But I guess each of us gets used to the city where we grew up in or live in, not to see the beauty in their everyday surroundings, whether it is Paris, Amsterdam, Richmond or the suburbs of Marcon, it happens to everyone. This day was one of the best days on my entire two weeks of traveling in France and Italy (especially since I finally got a nice noticeable tan thanks to the Venetian sun!).

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  1. josephchang says:

    This is too awesome! 🙂

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