Barolo wine

The very first thing we did when we got up in Cherasco was to milk a cow. Ok, not literally but there are milk machines that are set up around the town where the milkman comes and puts fresh milk every morning. It’s  kind of like those coffee machines you see around big cities at metro stations except its for milk and they have empty liter sized bottles to fill up, or if you’d like, you can bring your own bottle and save 20 euro cent.

After that we drove around the area first stopping by a very old grove of trees that were around when Napoleon succeeded in the Armistice of Cherasco in 1796. Cristina called them harry potter trees because of how strange and eerie they looked. We drove around the area passing by the places where Cristina and Valentin works and the central spots for a good lookout, and on and on we went on the windy roads to La morra, a quaint town known for their wine shops.

The area is surrounded by dozens of specialty area wines and their vineyards. We happen to walk in the store on the day that the Barolo wine producers were having a wine tasting. And oh, wine tasting we did! There were about ten producers present and we tried about five different types of wine for each one. (I had to stop by the third one). I loved the experience especially because Cristina was there to interpret from Italian to English for us. Not only did we learn about the process of the wine making unique to the area, but it was amazing to actually taste the difference the wine had depending on what year the same exact grapes were planted, even if they were produced the same year and the process was exactly the same.

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  1. Italy looks so amazing, and I love the milk dispenser! Keep on posting things 🙂

  2. katy lafen says:

    OMG I just did the same thing in Toulouse!! Isn’t raw milk delicious?! We had the option of adding flavoured syrup, so i had it with almond syrup…soo good

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