Finale Lingure—> Torino—->Cherasco

We took the train to Finale Lingure to meet our friends Cristina and Valentin, friends we met since our time in Russia. They have been married a little over a year and live in Cherasco, Italy. We arrived in Finale Ligure station and they met us there, street parked a steep slope and walked around the beautiful town for the afternoon. I finally had time to stroll! I’ve been wanting to since I started this trip, but until that point for some reason we were always speeding to our destination, either because of trying to fit in all the  famous attractions, bad weather or train scheduling… here we had nothing to do but enjoy the sea and sun. At last, this is how I knew I was in Italy! Finale Ligure is one of many many italian coastal towns that many come to during the summers, it’s usually not inhabited during the other seasons and is more of a summer house that people have for vacations. After a full dinner of mussels and seafood pasta, we got gelato. Amazing stuff. I think I got walnut flavor.
Then we went to Torino about half an hour away and quite a grand city compared to the other towns. We passed the Rai building, the main tv network in Italy and went to the top of the Mole Antonelliana, the national museum of Cinema and known to be the tallest museum in the world. The top view was as most top views, breathtaking.
We went to Cherasco and had dinner at one of Valentin (Cristina’s husband) ‘s favorite restaurant to have some italian pizza. I added spinach to mine and some spicy olive oil concoction. Afterward, we tried the Monteneggro (a special alcoholic drink taken after the meal for good digestion).

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