Nice to Cannes to Monaco

Today, Sean Penn waved at Valentin (and to 10 other journalists behind a fence).

So we went to Cannes, where the Cannes film festival was being held this weekend. The building where the festival was being held with the grand red carpet and fancy people flashing their badges is right by the train station so we kind of walked into the festival. Unlike Nice, the train station in Cannes is right in the center. There were many people who were holding up signs that said ‘Invitation please’ right in the middle of the crowd, hoping to get tickets into the festival last minute.
A few blocks down we saw the dock and Val really wanted to go see the beach (because this cannes beach actually has sand, but instead there were lots of boats lined up on the right and the back entrance of the building for the festival). That’s when we looked over, and there was Sean Penn getting out of the car! After that excitement, we found the actual beach and explored the rest of the city and saw an old church (inscription about Napoleon and the time he spent in exile).
After that we took a train to the country of Monaco where they have a monarchy with a real prince!  It has only 35,000 citizens, only 3x the big of Bolintin Vale (this is an insert by Valentin). We arrived in the Monte Carlo quartier where we discovered the Grand Prix race is taking place starting this weekend. The country is known for this huge race and their fancy nice cars and I did see lots of Lamburginis, ferarris and mercedes. It was surprising that there were several car sales of these expensive cars in such a small place. But then I learned the average salary per capita is around $140,000! Anyway, they had set up the racing tracks all over the city with bleachers built and wired fences so that even people who lived there were confused which way to go. Throughout the city, there are posts with descriptions of the ceremonies that took place after Princess Grace (Grace Kelly) married the Prince of Monaco in the fifties. As a result of improved relations between the U.S. and the country, they named an avenue after President JFK.  Also, we visited the Palais and Musee de Oceanographie which is at one of the highest levels so that we could see gorgeous views. After a few hours, we got back on the train to go back to Nice.

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Next stop, Italy!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. christine says:

    sigh…oh how i wish i was traveling with you..!
    you are doing a GREAT job sharing pics btw :)))

    and that purple shirt !

  2. josephchang says:

    wooowww! did u see any celebrities? I want to do an Internship there so that I can meet famous people~ hehe

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