We arrived in Nice Wednesday night and checked in a hotel (rather spontaneously) and met the night receptionist Johnny who showed us on the map all the places we ought to visit including the beach of course, which he said were a bit rocky. We found out what he meant the next day when we went fully intending to lay out for half the day. The beach did not have a single grain of sand and instead was filled with pebbled rocks that had a chalky layer on top. We managed to lay out for a couple hours but that was the extent of it, and then we decided to check out the fortress, cemetery and beautiful park that was at the top, including an amazing view of the city. By then it was almost dark and we headed back on the fancy snazzy tram whizzing back from the old city to our hotel. We stopped by to get some dinner snacks, fruits and veggies and salami and planned for the next day for a full day on the train to Cannes and Moneco.

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  1. yena says:

    Thanks for posting up so many wonderful pictures, Peng! If you get the chance, please tell Val that I said hello! …Oh how I wish I was in Europe 🙂 love you lots!


  2. christine says:

    oh gosh nice looks wonderful

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