La Tour Eiffel and President Hollande

In the morning, Laura finish chopping up the last vegetables to finish her famous borsht soup and then we took off to see the eiffel tower. A glorious morning it was, I took a picture of the patisserie that’s a few steps away from katy’s where we got fresh bread everyday. Alas when we got to Trocadero metro stop and came out to see the tower, rain started to fall slowly. But it was worth it. The tower is as grand as wonderful as everyone makes it out to be. The innumerable souvenir sellers on the street selling eiffel tower imitations do not seem so bad anymore. The rain really started to pour and we ran to the nearest haven, which turned out to be a splendid museum with japanese art, where they had an exhibition called, ‘humor, comedy, etc.”… Other things we did that day:

-Met Katy for lunch at one of her favorites in Le Marais district

-Went to Hotel de Ville to see President Hollande speak for the firs time after he received the official position at Champs Elysee. Some of the pictures show the cars of senators and politicians lined up on the street, and you can see the large screen with crowds around it. We thought we would see him live, but it was still interesting to see the french get riled up to see their new president.

-We took Laura to the train station

-Then we went to the Notre Dame district, saw the beautiful cathedral and visited a splendid bookstore called Shakespere & co, and ate dinner in the Latin quartier nearby, some raclette and lamb. And finished it off dancing at a jazz club next door called Caveau de la hauchette on Rue de Hauchette. The dancing took place beneath the bar, but it turned out to be a lot more intimidating than I thought, cause it was a tiny dance floor with lots of people lined up around it, but we took a chance (thanks to Kim for all these recommendations!)

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  1. The jazz place and the book shop look so nice! I wish I was there too 🙂

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