In the last couple days, I realized that it’s too difficult to write in details everything that I have been doing here and regularly post, (especially with the technical difficulties of the slideshow), so I’ll try to give the barebones of places we saw and heard and fill in the details when I have time later. And pay attention to captions!

Monday, Val arrived and we went to a couple main tourist attractions:

  • Champs Elysee, the Arc de Triomphe, baby clothes shopping at Petit Beateau
  • Montmartre, where we went to a cafe, ate at a crepe stand
  • In the same region, is also the famous Sacre Coeur cathedral is located and young musicians played so beautifully in front
  • Along the way back we stopped by Moulin Rouge
  • For dinner, one of Julien’s favorite restaurants called Le vin qui danse (the wine that dances), located in the hip Oberkampf district, which was indeed a great place to eat

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  1. christine says:

    you look like a fresh-faced cutie pie!

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