settling in

Riding the train from Orly Sud to RER B to Antony and then to Metro Jaques Bonsergent. The total at the airport was 8.50 Euros for both train and metr0. Laura had already arrived from amsterdam the night before, and katy was in Versailles working until 8. She left a lovely note behind and baked cookies. We lounged, drank tea and ate bread, cheese, scoopwaffles from amsterdam.
We left for a walk and to see comptoir books, bar cafe and vintage store where they were playing some reggae live music, and on the second loft had beautiful displays of french and english books and clothes for 1 euro. We walked for a while, stopped to stick by the canal where this homeless guy yelling at us for his unemployment status.  We enjoyed the fresh pieces of bread and went back to wait for katy.

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I realize that i took french classes for seven years but never got to hear it as a language spoken, and I had almost forgotten that i had spoken it not too long ago. There is some kind of calmness to being here, people go about their business, friendly, and are willing to speak french even if they try to test out your french first.
We had dinner with katy and julien, eating cayenne bean salad and gaspacho.  red wine. and sleep.

This morning was another delightful surprise, katy made us scrambled eggs, coffee and yogurt mixed with blueberry jam. And she has these cute ceramic cups that are made with a dent on the side so you can use as a thumb grip. So popular in France that they were giving away free ones at McDonalds which they have collected as you can see.

Now we’re on our way to Le cimetière du PèreLachaise (cemetary), see you soon!


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  1. sounds lovely trip there….glad only to hear from you about trip…enjoy speaking and listening french with local french people…..peter

  2. Christine says:

    Hurray so glad you are blogging your trip.. I will check here often!

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