I’m at the RDU airport waiting for my first flight, to Heathrow airport in London for my layover. I try not to think of the many horrors that take place there daily. With no experience of my own I have heard plenty of stories of the terrible treatment and  mayhem that goes on at Heathrow. I don’t mean to sound so ominous but usually those stories end in bursting into tears. Wish me luck…

I, Eunice, am going to Paris! It may be hard to believe but I did not feel an ounce of excitement even as early as three days ago. There was too much going on, exams, future plans, packing packing packing. Perhaps its because I didn’t start even looking at maps to plan until this week or because western europe to me had always been a far distant trip that would take place years and years ahead when retired at an old age, it didn’t feel real. When I told friends they were so estatic, and I forced an enthused smile in response to their oos and aahs, oh yes I’m so so excited. I didn’t know what I was missing. Maybe that’s also why I kept it mostly to myself, and I’m sure as you first readers experienced, I rather dropped it casually into conversation a few days ago.
But now,  I feel entirely different.

I am so excited I have butterflies in my stomach about Paris. Paris!!!!
Now why is this you ask? Hm..m
1. My taxi driver who drove me here is from Sudan and lived in Moscow for eight years. We chatted in russian, although both his English and Russian were heavily accented so it was difficult to get indepth. Nevertheless it was a good encounter.
2. I am wearing British red L’oreal lipstick bought specifically for this occasion.

3. I put together a travel guide which I entitled ‘aventura noastra mare’ which meaning ‘our great adventure’ in romanian.

I’m currently typing on my blackberry which I shall not be using after six pm today but hopefully will have access to internet soon! Time to board : )



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Valentin says:

    taxi? lipstick? instead of aventura noastra mare you should say cheltuiala noastra mare!!

    1. Valentin says:

      Ion Americanul, Francezul și Italianul 🙂 Ba sa nu-mi mai cumperi magneți

  2. Alin says:

    bai ce blog e asta?! vad ca nu scrie nimeni nimic :))

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