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What a day.  On the way to the cemetery we passed by the Republique square and ran into a market on the long boulevard. So many treasures! The first thing we saw was a table covered with black and white photographs stacks and stacks. The seller was also the photographer, is Gilles Regule, apparently working in many big magazines and newspaper. The cemetery was beautiful, a well-known place where many tourists come to see all the famous writers, artists, revolutionaries from past our buried there. It reminded me of the Hollywood cemetery in Richmond, so peaceful so quiet so beautiful. We saw Oscar Wilde’s grave, a strange monument of an ‘art deco angel inspired by Assyrian winged lion and bull’. The sculptor designed it with genitalia which the authorities covered up the shocking indecency until years later. The grave wasn’t even built until 14 years after his death because he was so broke when he died in 1900. His family was able to build a grave at pere-lachaise from the profit earned from his work. We also saw Gertude’s Stein’s gravesite, beautiful with stones covering the top and ground with roses left by an admirer. Among others there Jim Morrison, Moliere, Fontaine, Chopin.

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On the way back from the cemetery, we stopped by the small grocery store, francais la prix, where Katy frequents and got veggies and snacks. I thought it was so unique how the prices were digitalized, very environmental and tech savvy. According to Laura, this is also how they do it in supermarkets in Romania.

We baked a tart, very easy and it smells delicious, as it is cooking in the oven as I type. I will tell you how it is! Meanwhile, I jotted down the recipe so I can make it when I get back and also pour toi.

Ratatouille tart


egg plant in cubes,-1 zucchini in cubes,-1 red pepper, sliced,chopped onions if you want,-1 pâte brisée (pie crust which Katy made from scratch but you can get from store obviously),-3 eggs,-feta,-black olives.-salt, pepper, oregano


1. saute eggplant and zucchini 2.add pepper and onion 3.whisk three eggs, cream or milk 4.veggies in pan, cover with egg mix

5.add rest of ingredients and bake for 45-50 minutes at 200 celsius!

speaking of cooking btw we were also salivating at the deliciousness of the the following site, on making junk food from home, recommended by my sister Christine on a recent blog post.

btw we were also salivating at the deliciousness of  the following site, fabulous on making junk food from home, recommended by my sister Christine’s blog.

Next up: film d’époque Nous avons Millardaire pour un pour jour at 9pm…yes an old chick flick!

Later that night…

We were supposed to meet some of Laura’s friends for a movie from Amsterdam, and was running late because of the divine tart we just had. So we went in search of this film theater called filmotheque de quatrian latin near metro Cluny on line ten or metro Odeon also on the same line, which we had to transfer from line 5 to line 9 or 8. But of course we transferred to line 11 delaying another ten minutes. Odeon being the further metro we asked a nice lady with frizzy hair and reading glasses for help. She was lovely and steered us in the right direction.  The movie theater is on 9 Rue Champollion (phone number  01 43 26 84 65), one among four movie theaters on the same street but they are all fairly different from each other. This one has two rooms (kind of like the Bryd or Varsity theater for those of you who live in Richmond or Durham). We rushed in at 10pm to find the tiny four ft by four waiting area empty and no one at the kiosk. Had we missed our chance? We heard a man clear his throat and we turn to see three white-haired men staring at us, one of them behind a pair of spectacles. After some painful stuttering and not able to muster a single word in my flustered state, in the end in English they pointed us toward one of the theater doors, bright red the other bright blue. For free? Merci! We walked into a scene where a hitman shoots three men and woman wakes up with amnesia to find a bag of cash in her bag. chick flick? I don’t think so. We had walked into the wrong theater. After half an hour, we realized this couldn’t be the movie, although I was getting really into it. It was actually Mullholland Drive directed by David Lynch. oi. We went back out and convinced the seller to let us in the other door, bright blue, and he did, poor guy. It lasted until midnight and it was fantastic, a real tear jerker!

Afterward, Laura and her friends had drinks (me a glass of Hoeegarden) on Rue de Saint Germain and afterward had crepes at a nightstand that was open at 1am in the morning. I got crepe de marron as my friend Kimberly suggested (one of many things she has told me about to do in Paris). It was so so so good.


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  1. christine says:

    yay! i kept chekcing your blog but was using the link that you had emailed out not realizing it was just to that one post and so i thought you weren’t updating, but then i realized you’ve been updating a lot…!
    i like how you talk about the food :))

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